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Stop Cheating Spells, Married life is always full of challenges. It is frequently tested by different kind of hardships of time. loyalty is the basis of any successful married life. However, it gets destroyed if any third person comes in between two people. If you are facing a problem in your married life due to another woman and want to get rid of her then there are various Vashikaran mantras.

Sautan se chutkara ke upay

Some totaks that I am going to discuss today are the following:

  1. You can take 33 grains of udad Dall which is black in colour and 40 Rice grains and put it into a hollow place or hole. Cover the hole with the soil so that it gets filled till the bottom and pour some lemon juice, then pray to God to get rid of Sautan
  2. Take Sindoor from the forehead of hanuman ji statue and write your name of your sautan on it. Save it in your temple at home for one whole night and next morning immerse this paper in flowing water early in the morning before taking bath. This will have a miraculous effect on your husband and he will again come back to you.

Sautan Se Chutkara Pane Ka Totka

  1. For this you will need green cardamom (chotielaichi) powder to mix it in the food and give this food to eat. This should be done on every Saturday. If done properly you will get positive results in three weeks’ time.
  1. Another effective totka is that you take a Gomti chakra and apply sindoor on it. Then take the name of your sautan and throw the Gomti chakra into the fire.
  1. If you are aware about your husband’s meeting with your sautan then as he returns home take his undergarments and throw them in the fire. Once the clothes are turned into ashes then take those ashes and throw them in a circle outside your home and then come back.
  1. On Sunday of Shukla Paksh take 4 pieces of cloves and put them under your armpit. As they get wet with your sweat take them out and leave it to dry for some time. Then make a powder of that and mix it with any drink item like Tea, coffee, or any other beverages and serve it to your husband. This way he will grow totally fond of you and will forget the other woman in your life.

sautan se chutkara/mukti mantra

Sometimes an evil eyes fall upon your otherwise healthy and happy married relationship. No matter how good or loyal your husband is he might get attracted to some woman outside the relationship. That’s indeed very disheartening and you feel lost in your thoughts. Clouds of insecurity and uncertainty starts surrounding your mind. You want your husband to be back in your life by all means. You can take help of the above discussed upayas an totkeysto push away the ill effects of a third woman from your married life.

There are so many marriages in the society that are going through the painful phase of treachery. There is some woman in the society who with bad intentions do some black magic to attract somebody’s husband into their life. The husband might be good looking and well earning man. These traits might allure these women to pull them into their life without realising that they are causing harm to a well bonded family. In such cases the Totaka for Sautan Se Chutkaraare very helpful and can restore the peace and happiness in your married life.

Indian society has always believed in the institution of marriage. Every girl dreams of getting married to a man who is loyal to her and always keep loving her in any given situation. She leaves all her family behind and gives her entire life in the hands of one man who she thinks will never betray her.However, in the same relationship if a third woman enters in between her married life everything fall apart. Even the family becomes helpless. If it is an Arrange marriage family still tries to explain the husband and counsel him. But if it is a Love marriage then the whole responsibility is on the girl’s shoulder only.

The upay and the totkas that I have discussed in this article are especially for those helpless woman who do not have anyone around to support them in such difficult situations.You should never lose hope and always have faith in God. “There is always a God for every Demon.”

Dushman Sautan Chutkara mantras

This is a set mantra which can be provided by good astrologers. You can use them to escape the complications that you are facing in your married life. You need to follow the guidelines properly and very carefully. This will change the whole atmosphere of your disturbed domestic life into calm and joyful. This Dushman Sautan Chutkara mantra is very common in most of the households.

Its not true that if a husband is finding love outside the marriage to getting attracted to someone other than his wife the wife must not be beautiful looking or she might not be virtuous. But it can happen with everyone and anyone. Even the men who have beautiful wives fall into the trap of other woman. Black magic and voodoos are very common in today’s life and it has been practised from time immemorial.

In a relationship the disturbance first starts from misunderstanding which leads to argument. Then there are ego clashes and petty fights. This may further result on to losing interest  in the marital life. This opens the doors for an outsider which can be in the form of a man or a woman which can interfere into your married life. So I would suggest that despite of all the totkas and upaays you should always stick to your good character and accept your partner with his or her Vice and virtues.

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