Powerful Voodoo Love Spells

Powerful Voodoo Love Spells

Powerful Voodoo Love Spells


Powerful Voodoo Love Spells, The power of Voodoo spells for love

Origin of the voodoo spell: Shamanistic traditions, Africa

Definition: It refers to a belief that ritual enactment of a desire leads to fulfillment of that desire, sooner or later. Love spell is the most common types.

Voodoo spells with photo:

There are a number of methods by which you can preach a spell, using a photograph of the one you desire. All you need to do is focus and concentrate. The power of spell depends on it.

Things you need:

–    Photograph of the desired person.
–    A coin.
–    A red cloth piece.
–    Red thread.

Process of performing the spell:

–    Put the picture on a table or over a flat surface.
–    Place the coin over it.
–    Wrap the whole thing within a red cloth and tie it with the red thread.
–    Hide the bundle, out of everyone’s reach.
–    Finally, take the picture out, take off your shoes, and out the photo under your left feet.
–    Repeat the complete process for 12 times.

But if you see your relationship loosing spark, then recreate the spark with the below spell:-

–    Wait till its 12 night. Light a red candle, and place the picture of your beloved in front of the light.

–    Then, take a piece of paper and write the following spells on it: “ Sadness, go to my lover (name). Go inside his head so all he could think was me (your name), hugging me, kissing me, loving me. My words are strong and sticky.”

Voodoo spells with hair:

For a spell to work with help of a hair, what you need is a hair from the person you want your spell to work on. This spells are usually hard to reverse, and believe me it really works. This love spell is caste by addition of different herbs which are known to draw love and make it stay, obviously using spiritual powers acts as a bridge for the spell to gain more and more energy increasing its chances of working.

Powerful Voodoo Love Spells

However,one needs to be an experienced one and with spiritual powers to reinforce the spell. Many spell casters luck this knowledge and that is why some spells don’t even come closer to working.

Powerful Voodoo Love Spells

Powerful Voodoo Love Spells

Powerful Voodoo Love Spells

Process of doing the hair spell:

–    Take 5 hairs of your wished person.
–    When the sun sets, light a red candle.
–    Within that time, start making braid with the 5 hairs.
–    Put the braid on the plate and burn it.
–    While you burn the braid, ask for your wishes.
–    Gather the ashes at the end and blow it out of the window. During this, also remember to think in the backdrop of what you desire.

Voodoo love spell:

Since ages, the voodoo spells are believed to bring back one’s love and recreate relationships.
The things needed to perform a voodoo love spell are:

–    Pink paper
–    Pink candle
–    Scissors
–    Plate
–    Sugar
–    Cinnamon
–    Ginseng powder

Casting a spell involves the following steps;

–    Cleanse the candle.
–    Min the other ingredients together, i.e., the sugar, cinnamon and ginseng powder.
–    Light the candle.
–    Take the pink paper, and cut out a voodoo doll and write your wishes over it in the back of the doll.
–    Call the deity Erzulies.
–    Then, write your lover’s name on the front.
–    Do this for 13 times.
–    Cross over the name with your own name.
–    Take the plate. Put the paper cut over it. Then, add sugar mixture over it.
–    Place the candle in the middle and pray for your wishes to come true.
–    Burn the candle 13 times.
–    Wish again.
–    Do this complete process for 13 long days
–    Take out the voodoo doll and keep this safe with you until your wishes are fulfilled.
–    Once your wishes are fulfilled, return the doll to the nature. This can be done by burning it,throwing it in river or any  flowing water body, such as oceans or lakes.

This spells will grant you your true love, if you have asked for the same with divinity and purity in the heart. Even if you do not succeed in performing these rituals, you can simply remain highly focused on what you want, and visualize the positive aspects after your wishes are fulfilled, and then, you can feel the accomplishment of getting what you want, and your wishes fulfilled.

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